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Fatima Abdulla

Fatima Abdulla Nusaif

Fatima is an HR Manager with AJMS. Handling Human Resources (HR) , payroll, monitoring and training activities. Additionally, Fatima handles marketing and Tamkeen-related duties, Ministry of labour , LMRA and all the work of Ministry of Industry Commerce and Tourism (investors center). Fatima was part of Ministry of Labour and Labour Fund (Tamkeen) Conducting screening, placement, payroll, monitoring and training activities targeting more than 900 unemployed graduates under direct employment scheme as well as on-job-training scheme in more than 90 governmental & private sector organizations. The project consists of one project manager and 8 project members. The project budget is approximately BD5 million with a duration of 2 – 3 years, and involves using integrated systems and databases. Reporting to Training Affairs Advisor.